Top 10 Family Picture Poses & Ideas

It seems that Fall is the ideal time for yearly family picture sessions.  At least it is for us, I like them to have them done just in enough time to print up our Christmas cards each year.  We have a wonderful friend who is a photographer – Rhi from Raw Canvas Photography has been doing our family pictures for the last several years.  She is wonderful with the kid’s, and even tries super hard to get Gonzalo to crack a smile (which isn’t an easy task!)  ; D

So this weeks Top 10 is all about some of my favorite family picture poses I’ve seen around lately.  I’m linking this post up with Miss Mommy and her Top 10 link party.  Make sure to head over and check out all the lists and vote for your favorite Top 10!  Here we go:
Illusion – This would be cute with kids on Mom & Dad’s hands
And as an added bonus I have to throw this picture in, because in the off chance you can score a family picture in the middle of winter and a snow fall…this picture was great!
And this would be a super cute engagement photo or just a couple shoot.
If you would like to link up your favorite Top 10 list this week with Miss Mommy then head on over and join in the fun.  You may get some great ideas from all the other Top 10 links.
Miss Mommy


  1. says

    O.M.GOSH! I love these…and perfect since we are hoping to get in a session with a friend before winter hits. I never would have thought of any of these. So fun!

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