25 Days of Christmas – Day 4

Day #4
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How about creating your own cards to put in an advent style calendar.  Each card has a different activity to do as a family.  I think I may do this with the boys this year.  Corbyn will love it.  You can create the cards yourself, so do anything you want…like making Christmas cookies, take a family in need a meal, have hot cocoa & watch ELF, read a Christmas story, etc…


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    My family and I have been doing this for years! My mother quilted a tree and 24 pockets on to a wall hanging. Each pocket has 1 small candy cane for each child. Each day we would have an activity such as; see Santa, bake cookies etc. We also added shop for giving Tree, visit and elderly friend. My kids learned to embrace the attitude of giving instead of getting. Mostly grown now, they still look for their treat and activity! It’s a wonderful tradition!

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