25 Days of Christmas – Day 8

Day #8
Today’s project is an easy and affordable ornament idea. 
It’s a bit of a take on a snowflake, sort of. 
You will need:
*  Felt (if you can find stiffer stuff that would probably make it easier to make)
*  Glue gun
*  Scissors
*  Razor blade
*  Fishing line or thick thread
*  Optional:  Pom Poms

Make a square from your felt.  Mine was 6″ x 6″.  That will make a large ornament!
Draw a light colored straight line from corner to corner diagonally only once.  Now measure out straight lines and cut even “L” shapes for a lack of a better description almost to the line you drew.  This should leave you with “L” shapes cut on both sides of the line.
Now take your very center two pieces and glue them with a dot of glue just at the corner so it looks like the picture.
Flip the felt over and glue the next set of flaps going the opposite direction like shown.
Flip again, and glue in opposite direction again.
Flip again, and glue in opposite direction!  (getting tired of my non-sense yet?!)
Flip again, and glue final cuts.  And it should look like this. 
 Now take your thread and sew your pom pom to the top and bottom of the ornament.  You can also make a loop out of the thread for hanging your ornament on the tree!  They are so cute.


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