5 Things to do with your leftover unused Glow Sticks!

Got any unused Glow Sticks laying around now that Halloween is over?! 
Here’s a list of 5 ideas of how to use them to entertain your kiddos this week! 
So go get your glow on!
Glow sticks in the tub for bath time!  Toss a few in and turn out the lights and watch the kids have a blast!
Pinned Image
Glow stick science experiment
Glow lanterns.  Simply cut open the glow stick into a jar of water and seal it.  The kids can put these next to their beds on a nightstand or a shelf and have a cool night light for the night.
Glow in the dark balloons.  Just toss a glow stick in the balloon before blowing it up.  They obviously don’t need to be Halloween themed balloons like these below since that holiday has past.
Simple - balloons plus a glow stick - I think they would be cool to do as snowmen at Christmas too! Love it
Glow in the dark ring toss.
Pinned Image
So can you guys come up with any other ideas?  Let me know, I’d love to hear them!


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