Antique Nightand Makeover

This past week I finally decided to get off my butt and finally do something with my antique nightstand that I’ve owned since I was a teen, and has been in my family for a while.  I have no idea where it actually came from, my Mom might comment later where it came from!  But it had seen better days.  I love this little nightstand, always have.  It’s simple and adorable.  It’s perfect in my front room for my printer so that I have more room on my desk.  Everything else in the room is black so I decided to paint it black.
This was the BEFORE picture!
I added some sass to the inside of the drawers though!  I figured since I just painted it with a black satin paint I had to do something special for me to look at on the inside.  Well my favorite color of the moment is turquoise (well I always love this color, but especially right now).  That way when I open the drawers I get a cheerful color to see.  I love it.  I left the knobs original in their brass finish. I like the way it looks for now.  I may change them eventually, but not right now. 
It is the perfect match to my black desk and other furniture in the room! Sure I could have roughed it up a bit to give it a shabby design, but none of my other furniture is shabby so solid black and clean it was!


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