Christmas in every Color, something for everyone!

Since I have a problem and apparently can’t have the same Christmas tree more than once!  Ha. Ha. 
I’ve decided to put together some design boards for you guys to help get you in the mood for your Christmas decorating this year, and if your stuck on what colors your going to chose hopefully you’ll find something you like here to help you out.  You can click on the link below each picture to take you to my Pinterest board for each theme. 
Have fun and Happy Decorating!
If you don’t already have a Pinterest account you are missing out my friend!  Just let me know if you would like an invite to join in the fun.  Trust me you will be amazed and addicted before you know it! 


  1. says

    Lauren – I have honestly no idea yet. All my stuff is out and I keep staring at it all. I really am leaning towards the vintage red & turquoise, cause I love those colors. I’m not 100% yet though.

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