Happy 33rd!

Today is my hubby Gonzalo’s 33rd birthday! 
I just want to take a minute and celebrate him. 
Gonzalo works so hard for our family.  I’ve been super blessed to have him by my side for the past 9 years.  He never denies us anything, even the most ridiculous requests he usually does for us.  He loves our children like nothing I’ve ever seen.  They are his everything.  He puts up with his crazy wife who always leaves a mess in the garage.  He cooks, he cleans (he use to clean more often, but I can’t complain!), he does his own laundry because he knows how much I loathe laundry, he plants me flowers outside because he knows how much I love them.  I mean honestly I couldn’t ask for a better husband.  I’m so thankful that 33 years ago God chose to bless his parents with this man.  I’m incredibly proud of the man he’s become over the past 9 years, and the father he is.  My most favorite things currently about Gonzalo are watching him pray with our kiddo’s, singing them church songs (and doesn’t think I can hear him singing to the boys), the way he looks and giggles at me when one of the boys say or do something hilarious or completely wrong (but we can’t get past how funny it was!).  I just love him!
Happy Birthday Gonzalo!
I hope God blesses you beyond measure this year in so many new ways.  You so very much deserve it!  Thank you for all you do for us, and thank you for being my husband!


  1. Mary Hengen says

    You are so lucky to have a guy like Gonzalo, but he’s lucky to have you as well. You are an awesome couple. I love the pictures! Happy Birthday Gonzalo!

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