I’m Blank Because….

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I’m weird because…
I can’t stand to be touched while sleeping, not by anyone!
I hate blow drying my hair.
I love eating lightly salted chips with kraft cheese singles.
I can’t sleep with my feet under the blanket or sheet.
I refuse to wear normal shoes, only a special occasion causes me to wear flats or moccasins.
I love other people’s feet (their always cute) but hate my own (their always dirty from flip flops).
I can’t stand to look in a closet that isn’t organized by color and type of clothing!
I pick my hubby’s clothes out ALL the time for him.
I have never hired a babysitter.
I love onions drenched in lime juice, salt & pepper.
I’m terrified of fish in oceans & lakes, it creeps me out if they touch me.
I’m addicted to twilight!!!
I create better artwork and projects late at night.
I change Christmas themes like most people change their underwear never mind that would be disgusting if they only changed it once a year!
I can’t stand the smell of rubbing alcohol anymore since my husband has this strange obsession of rubbing it all over his body at bedtime and suffocating me with it’s smell.
I LOVE the smell of a man smoking a pipe or cigar (not cigarettes!)
I hate folding laundry and putting it away.
I would rather clean someone else’s house than my own!
I’m a bad friend because… 
I don’t think before I speak sometimes.
I tell the truth.
I am super sarcastic.
I’m a good friend because…
I tell the truth.
I am always available to talk.
I would do almost anything for my true friends.
I’m sad because…
I always seem to fail at loosing weight.
I wish my Dad valued me like I always wanted him to!
My Dad has still never met his grandkids.
Me & the hub’s don’t always enjoy each others company.
I had to make the tough decision to end a 10 year friendship with my best friend last year.  I don’t miss the person in the friendship, I miss just having a best friend to talk to everyday and having that closeness to someone.
I will probably never have a baby girl.  I want what me & my mom have so bad it hurts.
I have such a short temper and I hate how quickly I feel upset about things.
My hubby is going to Mexico in January for a week, I will be alone with the boys.
A young 16 year old girl who took her life this past week won’t be home with her earthly family tomorrow to celebrate the holiday.
I’m happy because…
My blog is slowly growing.
My boys are amazing, handsome, and so smart.
Gonzalo & I will have been married 9 years this March.
My husband has an awesome job that meets all our needs.
My Mom always encourages me no matter what.
Christmas ornaments are going up and I love all the glitz & glitter.
I’m excited for…
What God has in store for me this next year.
My etsy shop to get up and running.
Growing new friendships, and making old ones stronger.
Christmas presents! 
Watching my boys get their annual pj’s on Christmas Eve from Santa.
Watching Gonzalo decorate the front yard with lights.
Getting to wrap presents, I LOVE wrapping presents! 
Going to the snow this year and making a snowman.
Drinking hot coffee with girlfriends and laughing.


  1. says

    I thought I was one of the only people who can’t sleep with their feet under a blanket or covers! So glad to find out I’m not alone in this oddity of mine!

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