Make It Monday: Old Cheese Tray Turned Super Cute Glass Display Case

This weeks “Make it Monday” was a total thrift shop find at Goodwill.  Nothing fancy, but it’s serving a purpose and is a really easy project.  I found this great round glass covered board.  If I’m correct this is originally a cheese tray.  Now it’s a super cute accessory in my house for numerous things.  Today it’s been transformed into a Christmas centerpiece for my counter top in the kitchen.  Who knows what I’ll use it for next.  So get to your local thrift shop and start hunting for one of these totally outdated things, I see them all the time.  Luckily this one cost me $2.99, although a few days later at the same store I saw another one for $6.99 (I’m thinking the Goodwill people really need to become a little more familiar with fair pricing!). 
(sorry the photo is poor, it was 10pm and my lighting stinks)
Here’s what I did:
Basically I washed the whole thing!  Then I used some left over Kilz paint & primer in one, it’s a satin black that was on clearance once that I picked up.  I painted mine black only because it has the primer mixed in, and I wasn’t positive what colors I was using for Christmas yet.  It will go with anything.  I may repaint it white later.  I also then sprayed mine with an additional coat of valspar’s satin clear spray just for some extra protection.  Then I took some pinecones I’ve been stashing away and quickly carefully & lovingly painted with acrylic paint to match this years colors.  Spray paint would have been better, but I didn’t have any.  Pinecones weren’t my first thought for the inside of this display, ornaments and cute little trees were…but the stinkin’ trees didn’t fit under the dome.  Bah!  So all I had in the house was pinecones.  You’ll only need a few to put in under the dome.  You can put anything you want under the dome:  little trees & figures, ornaments, birds, pinecone’s, candles (un-lit)…etc…  The other thing I will probably do and didn’t have time to look for is some sort of pedestal for the bottom.  For now it’s fine, but I think I’d like it to have some height.  And that can just be glued on with E6000. 


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