Tuesday Top 10 – Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas ( +2 bonus ideas, so that’s 12 ideas people!)

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Maybe your someone who lives in an apartment or very small house and you don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree. Or you just want something a little less common as your tree this year.  Well have no fear, I’ve found some cute and clever ways to have a tree without the actual tree. 
  How about a wall tree made out of lights with paper ornaments!
01 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
A tree out of a ladder is quite the modern take on a traditional tree.
02 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
I thought this one was awesome, a hanging tree with ornaments & fishing line like a mobile.
03 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
Have left over wood scraps?  This tree would be perfect for the shabby / rustic Christmas decor.
06 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
I love tree branches!  They are such an inexpensive way to add a different element to your home.  This is a great way to showcase beautiful ornaments.
08 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
If you can find a bunch of little wood shelves on the cheap, this is a cute idea.
09 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
These tomato cone trees would be great all over the yard too!
11 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
Craft paper + lights + felt or paper ornaments = fun idea! 
12 13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
Paint a tree!  You could always paint it on a drop cloth or large canvas.  And hang the ornaments straight down at varying heights.
Pinned Image
Take a walk outside and clean your neighbors yard a bit, ridding them of extra sticks & branches!
Pinned Image
How about a little of this, a little of that, throw in a few ornaments and a star on top!  Viola!  A tree!
Pinned Image
Just another take on the previous tree concept.
Pinned Image
Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas!  You can use anything, be creative!  Have a tall house plant or tree in the house?  Decorate it! 

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