Tuesday Top 10 – DIY Ornaments

With it being the 1st of November already, we’ll be decorating for Christmas in less than a month.  At least that’s when I decorate my house, the week of Thanksgiving!  I like to have my Christmas decor up as long as possible since it is my favorite holiday and makes me feel so stinkin happy to be surrounded by all the glittery pretty decorations! 
So since we only have about a month before decorating I thought my Tuesday Top 10 post would be dedicated to DIY Christmas Ornaments.  Don’t get me wrong I love store bought ornaments, there are so many every year that I ooh & awe over and want to buy.  But realistically I can’t afford to buy 10 of each ornament every year.  And in case you haven’t heard this yet…I’m that person that changes her Christmas ornaments and decor every year!  Yep colors are always different.  I have plain round ball ornaments in almost every color on hand and mix them with a variety of other ornaments I’ve collected to date, or made.  The colors I keep on hand are red, apple green, mossy green, light blue, brown, black, silver, white, clear, and I think I bought some purple last year.  The only color I don’t usually use is gold since there isn’t much gold in my house.  I may have more, but I’m not sure.  He He.  Let’s just say the Hubby isn’t as thrilled about this holiday as I am, probably because he’s the one who has to get all of this stuff out of the attic! 
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Let’s begin, shall we?
This is perfect for a rustic tree, or any shabby chic decor.
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Every year I let the boys decorate a small tree that they share in Corbyn’s room.  It’s a small 2 1/2 ft. tree that was my Grandma’s then passed down to me for my first apartment.  So it’s the perfect size for the kids.  These felt ornaments would be perfect to make with Corbyn to personalize their tree.
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This one is perfect if your looking for a particular ornament color that isn’t easy to find!  Just buy the yarn color your looking for and make them.  I don’t think you need to even use Styrofoam, I would just buy a box of plastic ones from Walmart and cover them!

These felt owls are perfect for the owl trend right now.  I am in love with owls right now.  I might have to add some of these this year to the boys tree too.  Best thing is you can coordinate the colors to match your house or room.  But I’m totally diggin these bright colors.
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And if you haven’t seen these Martha Stewart string ornaments you’ve been living under a rock!  They can be glittered too.  They are perfect any tree.
I think this ornament can be made easier than the source who made it shows.  I think you could just buy some argyle socks or something with a pattern you love and cut to fit the embroidery frame!  Simple.
This could also be done with just round disc shaped ornaments, stamping a design on them and painting them!
Miss Mommy


  1. says

    I love the felt birdie ornaments!
    I am wanting to redo my tree this year and make it more kiddish now that I have miss E. My tree is usually all glitter, with glass and crystal ornaments. I love grabbing PB ornaments after Christmas.
    I found some adorable ornaments at Land of Nod but at $7 a piece pretty sure my makeover kid friendly tree is not happening at this moment.

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