{Make It Monday} – Picture Frame Pin Cushion

Do you need a last minute handmade gift idea for someone?

If you have someone who loves to sew this is a really easy project that they will love!
Picture Frame Pin Cushions

I found these cute little frames from the dollar section at Michaels.  They are the perfect size for a small pin cushion.  Otherwise any picture frame will work for this project, you can find some really cute ones like the ones I used at Hobby Lobby!
What You Will Need:
*  Picture Frame
*  Piece of fabric – a little bigger than your picture frame opening
*  Some batting
*  Glue gun
*  Scissors
Start by taking out the glass or protective plastic from the frame.  Cut your fabric just a bit larger than the opening to the frame (about 1/4″ larger).  I left one back on the first frame I did and cut the back off the second one, so either way you want to do it is fine.  Some backs come completely off anyways which is probably better for this project.  Start gluing your fabric to the inner lip of the frame where the glass would lay. 
Now that your fabric is all glued down to the frame place a bunch of batting on in the center.  Trying your best to contain it with one hand.  Now with the other hand place hot glue around all the edges of the frame backing and all over.  Carefully place the backing back onto the frame trying to contain as much of the batting as possible.  Now take your overlapping edges of the fabric and fold over and glue as you go to the back of the frame backing.  Now just use a small pair of scissors to trim away any stray threads from the fabric or fibers from the batting. (it’s not the most attractive backing at this point, but you can do your best to make it look pretty).
And now your done.  If you give this as a gift it can be used as a message board if the frame is big enough, so you may want to pick up some cute pins to put with it.  Or make some!


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