Super Bowl XLVI

With the Super Bowl playing next Sunday February 5th I thought I’d help you with some last minute party and food ideas to really make your party a hit.  And even if your like us and you really have no idea what is going on in the game while your watching…you just watch it because your 8 year old son has been obsessed with it for the past 3 years…these ideas are for you too!  And is anyone else thrilled that the team colors coordinate with each other?  No, is it just me?!  Oh well.
Let’s start with some great decorating ideas:
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Now for the FOOD:
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Corn Fritters
Bacon Double Cheese Burger Dip
Loaded Baked Potato Dip
What about the Veggies:
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Putting simple veggie sticks in plastic single serve portions with ranch dressing is a fun way to get some healthy bites mixed in with all that not so good for us food we LOVE!  Same with fruit, make fruit-ka-bobs instead of a normal fruit salad. 
Don’t forget the sweets:
Touchdown Brownies
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Here are some coloring pages for the kiddo’s to color during the game. 
Let them pick their favorite team!


  1. says

    I’m not sure yet. I won’t be decorating since it’s usually just me and the boys, and my Mom that all watch the game. Hubby usually works Sunday nights. But for the food…I’m totally eyeballing that Double Cheeseburger dip, and the mini meatball subs, and of course veggie cups. :)

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