X’s & O’s

I wanted to make a quick project that could put us in the Valentines Day mood around here.  I’m not usually big on decorating for this holiday, but I thought I’d try a few things this year.  So I decided to make some quick X & O pillows for my oldest son’s bed.  I chose colors that matched his room and got to work. 

First I bought some red & gray fleece from Hobby Lobby. 
I chose fleece since it doesn’t fray.  I then just free handed an “X” and an “O” on the fleece.  I used a light colored sharpie.  (word to the wise…unless you want skinny letters make your letters wider than I did, ooops!)
Then I just simply flipped the pieces to match so you couldn’t see my sharpie marks.
Basically it boiled down to laziness and me not wanting to make a stencil to trace for each letter.  Moving on….at this point I just did a straight stitch all the way around each letter.  I stitched about 1/2″ in.  I left a 3″ opening on each letter on the outside seam so I could stuff the letters.
I then took some polyfill and stuffed them until both letters were firm.  You can use a chopstick or something if you are having trouble stuffing your letters because you accidentally also made yours too thin!  Ha Ha.  Then once they are full sew the rest of the pillow closed, probably by hand.  I took my scissors and just fringed the edges.  I was originally going to use some pinking shears to cut the edges but that would have been smart to do pre-sewing them!   
And then you have just some cute little “X” and “O” hugs & kisses pillows.
Corbyn came home from school and really liked seeing them on his bed.  I think it made him feel special since brother didn’t have them on his!  Granted it took all of 3 minutes before they both had them and were using them as toys!  Oh well it made them happy!


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