St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

I made the boys these shirts with Freezer Paper Stencils of course!  I had to do something!  They turned out cute.  Although trying to let me snap a picture of them together while wearing them was a different story!  Grrr.  I got a few cute ones, but they wanted nothing to do with me taking their picture today…you’ll see by the looks on their faces.  Ha Ha.

These were the pictures at first, not wanting to stand here and pose.  Geesh, you’d think I was asking them to clean toilets or something.
Then when I said okay go to the grass, they got happier.
P.S. I found the graphic online and used my freezer paper to create a stencil.  Although I did have to free-hand trace with a paintbrush around the banner, clover and letters, so these shirts took way too long to make!  But the boys look cute, and that’s all that matters.

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