Handmade Wedding Gift Ideas

Everyone knows April through June are incredibly popular months for Weddings.  I myself don’t get invited to many of them, that’s mostly because all my friends are married.  Although I do know a few people who will be attending weddings this year.  So I though how fun it would be to feature some really great ideas that could inspire you to make a handmade wedding gift for the lucky couple.  It doesn’t have to be the only gift you give them, you can still go off their registry.  I just think it’s so special to put a personal touch to something for the lucky couple.  As long as the gift compliments that couples personal taste, they will probably love the gift and treasure the time and effort put in to it. 

This first gift has a little retro throwback with the needlepoint work, but honestly if the colors are done in a modern color palette like this one below it can really be a sweet and cute gift.
Personalized Name Embroidery Home Decor
I think these are tiny little pillows, but this same idea on a large linen pillowcase for the couple would be sweet.  You could come up with any number of sayings and even make a couple sets of pillowcases.

Buying the happy couple a new set of Pyrex glass serving dishes doesn’t have to be boring.  This is a staple cooking dish in most houses, and if you have the ability to personalize it by using your craft cutting devise you should!  I have several friends who are constantly taking casseroles to people who need a helping hand and this is a great idea to ensure it’s returned to it’s proper home.  
Starting the happy couple off on the right foot is an amazing idea.  By creating a 12 month date night pre-planned gift basket the couple has no excuse to not get out at least once a month for some quality time alone.  Each month creating a new date with a different activity that is pre-paid, including gift cards and ideas.  Genius idea for any married couple!
Using either your cutting devise or freezer paper stencils to create a cute throw pillow that is adorned with the couples initials, or last name and the date of their union is a great keepsake.  Make sure to do a neutral fabric choice like a soft colored linen, that way it’s sure to coordinate with their decor.
Personalized Pillow Cover Custom Wedding Gift and Family Name Modern Design
If you have a photo editing program like photoshop you might be able to create a personalized piece of artwork for the bride and groom.  Using the silhouette of the state they were married, including the name and dates.
Another cute pillow idea.  This one is on burlap which is incredibly popular right now, but I don’t suggest using it for a wedding gift unless you know the couple will love burlap 20 years from now.  Choose a timeless fabric choice.
Custom Made Pillow-20x20 inch-Custom Print on Burlap-Wedding gift, Anniversary gift, Housewarming gift
Another idea to use those stencils and a ceramic paint to create some monogrammed serving platters.  Choose white platters or serving dishes, classic and clean.
Set of 3 serving platters
Personalized Typography Wall Art- - Mr & Mrs Wood Sign
The next two are some subway art prints that are a great idea.
Personalized Wedding Gift - Deep In The Heart of Texas Art
Typography Wall Art- Marriage Rules Wood Sign



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    What a great collection! Thanks so much for featuring my Deep in the Heart subway art. I love the other ideas too…and I have plenty of weddings this summer so it is perfect timing!

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    Yeah I agree that hand-crafted wedding gifts are awesome. But I found something better like kitchenware that will be a big help to newly wed couples. Therapy has the coolest and unique set of kitchen wares that will satisfy your senses. Too bad they only have limited stocks. Here’s the link for Therapy.

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    Well, handmade things are really the most effective gift to be bestowed to our dear one. It reflects the love and heart with the sweetness for the one WHO is special. Handmade gifts are preferred over traditional gift currently because these don’t seem to be only considered as gift, however as the simplest way to specific feelings to somebody. I personally also adore Wedding gifts lots.


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