Ninja Birthday Party

Warning this post has a confession…
I have to admit that I am a huge procrastinator!  Huge!  And no that’s not my confession, that’s still coming.  Corbyn had this Ninja themed party picked out months ago.  Me on the other hand didn’t start actually working on anything until 2 weeks ago, and most of it was actually done this past week.  I had this whole vision in my head of what I wanted the party to look like (like always) and I usually tend to work best under pressure.  I’m usually more creative that way.  This time however, not so much.  I had envisioned the table full of treats and goodies, the decorations I made…but not everything turned out or went as I had planned.  I fell behind in my planning, and come Saturday morning I had transformed once again into psycho party mom!  {Confession time} Feeling completely overwhelmed because things weren’t done and I was running late I began to get very moody (that’s the nice word for it too).  The hub’s tried to help a bit, but I’m such a control freak about these kinds of details I end up just barking at him.  My mom even came early as she usually does to help with finishes details and food prep, she’s good like that.  And as I was running around trying to get things finished I saw that Corbyn accidentally spilled a bunch of ice from a bag he was trying to help carry outside all over the tile.  My mom immediately said to me “stop, and just breath…it was an accident”.  Which I knew, but I needed her to remind me.  I then proceeded to cry because things weren’t going the way I envisioned or planned.  I helped Corbyn clean up the ice, and went on with what needed to get done.  People came, the party took place…the kids had fun (I hope), and then everything was cleaned up.  I even forgot to do some activities I had prepped for and then forgotten.  Needless to say at the end of the day I was exhausted.  As I sat on the couch feeling a little defeated because to me I felt like I failed a bit in what I was trying to achieve.  Which is so incredibly selfish and dumb, because this whole day was about my incredible Corbyn who deserved this party to celebrate him.  Not my decorating abilities!  I realized that me throwing this party especially this year was more for me and getting blog worthy photos to post.  Granted he loved the party and having all his friends over to celebrate with him.  The reason I started doing parties like this for them in the first place was because I wanted them to remember the parties when they were older.  I want them to remember that I added special details by hand making things for decorations, and that I put my heart in to planning it.  That it was my gift to them, and that they would cherish it forever.  I learned this weekend that I need to relax, and no matter how much I want people to see my abilities and what I’m capable of…my family comes first and their needs and wants, and everything else comes second.  So with that said I have to apoligize to my family who listened to me bark at them while decorating, I love you guys so much and appreciate that you put up with my nonsense and still love me back!  
Now on to the party and what I captured of it, nope it’s not perfect and it’s not what I envisioned but none the less it was for Corbyn and he is so very much worth celebrating!

I made the banner and printed everything on matte photo paper!  Wowza, what a difference that stuff makes in my Kodak printer when your trying to print stuff for a party.  Before on cardstock it was awful!  Now it’s amazing.
Here was the invite I created on the computer and had printed at Staples.
We usually do food at our parties, let’s face it we like to eat.
I made these Sushi Crisp’s out of rice crispy treats, a green fruit roll up (harder to find that you’d think) and a Swedish fish.  The kids ate them all.
I also did two types of cold Asian noodle dishes.  I did a Sesame Noodle, and this one was a bigger hit than the other one…super simple and quite tasty.
The other dish was a Thai Peanut noodle dish.  Still quite tasty, but I have to say those Sesame Noodles were better!
I also served up individual portioned veggie cups with ranch in the bottom.  
I made the cupcake toppers.  The cupcakes though were okay, but I’m disappointed that the past few times we’ve ordered from Sams Club the cupcakes just crumble to pieces after one bite.
I ordered the big black lanterns from amazon, the small white ones I lucked out and found at Goodwill for a couple bucks.  And the big red ones I made from poster board.  Super easy.
I made these ninja swords out of paint sticks after the ones I originally ordered from amazon showed up and were all cheap and flimsy.  I wish the hubby had of thought of this idea sooner, I’m so proud of him for coming up with it.  All it took was the free paint sticks, a can of gray primer paint, silver & black spray paint.  Some ribbon and a hot glue gun and we were good to go!  The kids loved them.
The kids each got to take a “take out” box home with them.  Each box had a fortune cookie, small ninja guy, and a little gadget to help them all use chopsticks at home.  I made the labels for the front of the box, they say “Thank You” in Chinese characters.
I also made these necklaces for each child to take home.  This was Corbyn’s
And here’s the pinata I made again.
And most importantly the birthday boy!  All the kids got ninja headbands that I just cut from black fabric.
They had a ninja relay race to fill a cup with water.  Let’s just say that even with 18 kids playing it takes a while to fill a tiny plastic cup with water when you give them a spoon to use.  
My other baby having a blast.
I made the boys these shirts with a freezer paper stencil.  It says “Warrior” in Chinese characters.
And such a special treat!  Corbyn’s teacher from last year Mrs. Smith (Lauren) who we’ve become great friends with made a special stop to the party to surprise him!  He had no idea she was coming.  She drove all the way from Utah, and was coming in town to visit family for spring break.  She’s such a fun lady.  And she’s expecting her first baby this July (a girl), you should see her she’s adorable!  I’m so glad we got to see her and the baby bump.  Corbyn loved it.
And that’s that…
That was our party.  Thanks for listening to my confession, and letting me share it with you.


  1. says

    Wow! What an amazing party! Great job mama! I love the Chinese characters on everything! And the Chinese take out boxes for their goodie bags – perfect! I loved every detail! I just had my son’s 8th birthday party too! I didn’t realize our boys were so close in age! :) Happy Birthday Corbyn! :) xo, Reannah

  2. says

    What a great party! My son is also having a Ninja Party. I was just wondering how you made the backdrop? I am doing mine outdoors and was not sure how to go about doing it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! btw, what font did you use for it?

  3. says

    Loved your party post! My son is also having a ninja party on Saturday and your ideas are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I will tell everyone about your blog!
    To Ginger: for our party, I am going to use my red Christmas tablecloth and hang it over a curtain rod for our backdrop. I love Rebecca’s backdrop, though! Her whole party is spectacular!

  4. says

    First of all your party was great. I love all the details and I think you did a wonderful job. Second of all when I read your intro it tugged at my heart strings because I am exactly the same way. I love to be crafty and make everything for my kids parties, but ever since I started a blog I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everything perfect and often loose sight of what’s most important. I also procrastinate and put everything off until much too late which puts more pressure on me and my family. It’s a vicious cycle. But I love it and from your party it looks like you love what your doing too. Keep on creating lovely memories for you kiddos.

  5. Laura says

    Hi Rebecca, I ran across you blog while searching for “Ninja party” ideas. Such fun ideas! I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the name of the font you used to create the banner behind the food table. It’s really fun! Thanks so much!

  6. says

    Hi Rebecca,

    Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me {a fellow blogger} to make my nephew’s ninja party extra special! I have made a blog post about his party and included a link to this post.
    Best to you!
    Flavia Andrews

  7. says

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could share where you got the clipart for the invitation? I’m helping a friend who is planning a party for her son & she loves your invite! Thanks so very much!

  8. says

    Be proud of the love and thought you put into this party! It inspires me for my son’s upcoming Ninja 9 party. And yes, it is in two weeks and I work best under pressure as well! Thank you for posting all these great ideas!

  9. Jessica says

    I can relate so much to the pre-party and after-party thoughts! With three kids, I have had more than one party where I’ve felt like that. Just know that your kids will definitely love the party no matter what you do, because you were there with them and were celebrating with them! :)

    I realize this entry is from like 2+ years ago, but for what it’s worth, I think the party looked great from the pics you’ve shared. You are so crafty & creative!

    The sesame noodles look DELICIOUS! Do you have a recipe you can share?

    • craftedsparrow says

      Jessica, thank you so much for your sweet words. That means a lot. You know what I will post a recipe for those noodles sometime this week, sound good? xoxo


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