DIY Nautical Inspired Nail Decals

I am not typically one for always having the perfectly polished nails or toes.  I do love them don’t get me wrong, but I’m just too lazy sometimes to actually hunch over and attempt to paint my own toenails.  {It tends to be a little tricky when your carrying a few extra pounds around the middle}  Lately though I’ve been trying to keep my nails polished, it’s summer and I figured I should attempt to keep it up.  I totally bite my fingernails like crazy…you’d think no one ever feed me or something {well then you see my junk in the trunk and now that isn’t true, ha ha} but I started putting polish on them too and they are growing and actually look decent for the first time I think in my whole adult life.  I love it.  Since it is so hard for me to hunch over and paint a straight line on my toenail to make cute designs I decided to give something a try.  I grabbed some masking tape, nail polish, scissors and my xacto knife.  I made my own nail decals for the stripes and anchor.  It made my pedi super easy and I think it turned out cute.  It’s kinda hard to see the anchor well in the picture but you get the idea.  

Start by cutting your design out of your masking tape.  I cut three strips for my design, all different sizes.  I stuck them to a ziplock bag that I taped down.  You then just paint the strips with your polish and let it dry.
 I chose to use a Coral, Bright Blue, and Yellow for my polishes.  

 I then took another piece of masking tape and drew some small anchors, I then used my xacto knife to cut them out.  I then painted them with a great Metallic Gold color I had.
 Once everything is dry you peel it up carefully, make sure the excess nail polish is off all the edges of the tape.  Now they are ready for you to use.
 All I did was paint a couple coats of white on my big toe, then I placed my decals on the nail when it was dry and trimmed it to fit the edges.  Be sure to press your decal on the nail all the way.  After I did my stripes I just added my anchor on top and pressed it down.  After you have everything on you just apply a few coats of your clear top coat.  You can make any decal you want.  It’s easy, and inexpensive and for someone with a shaky hand you get straight lines.  


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