Housewarming Gift

Yesterday I showed you the Quatrefoil Stenciled Doormat I made my sweet friend Michelle for her new home.  I had also picked up a cute glass jar to put with the mat as her housewarming gift.  I wanted to just show you how it turned out.  My lighting is TERRIBLE in this house and what I thought were going to be decent pictures are NOT so I apologize.  Okay back to the gift…I was originally going to bake some awesome cookies to fill the jar with for Michelle {today happens to be her big ’30’ birthday too, Happy Birthday Michelle!} but she just recently found out that she has celiacs disease.  I’m not very schooled on the whole how to cook gluten free thing so I didn’t attempt any new recipes for this.  I scoured my pantry looking for something I could make a treat out of that would fill the cute glass jar I bought.  I had just bought huge boxes of KIX cereal {love that stuff}.  I had marshmallows too!  So viola…Marshmallow KIX treats!  Obviously not much different than rice crispy treats, but cute because of the ball shape of the cereal.  So she got her gluten free treat in the cute jar.  I made a small printable to tie on with a ribbon and put it with her doormat.


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