Making Disney Memories – Part 2 {Freezer Paper Stenciled Mickey Shirts}

If you’ve been following along you know we are surprising our boys with a trip to Disneyland in a few short weeks.  Yay!  The other day I shared with you a Washi Tape autograph book for each of the boys that I made, you can see it HERE.  Today I’m sharing with you one of the custom shirts I did for them to wear while on the trip.  And yes this is my son modeling the shirt {he thinks it’s a product someone is buying from me!}  I knew I wanted to make them some shirts that were a little different and not so shall we say Disney-Geek!  I’m super weird and some may consider it mean…but I don’t let the kids wear Disney or character clothing in public.  Eeeek.  I know, sounds vain right?!  It is!  I just don’t like the way it looks, to me it’s cheesy sometimes {totally just my opinion}, to each their own!  Several months ago I found some vintage looking Mickey Mouse shirts on clearance and picked those up {I love vintage Mickey!}  I couldn’t find anything else that I liked so I decided to make my own.  I used the freezer paper stencil method for this shirt, you can find my tutorial HERE and HERE.  I had seen this “Mouse Stache” design before and liked it, I mean who doesn’t love mustache’s right now?!  Well except for on my husband!  
I simply found a pattern I liked online and printed it out, copied it on to my freezer paper.  Cut it out with my trusty xacto knife {my best friend until someone buys me a silhouette}.  Then I ironed all the pieces on to my shirt, removed which pieces were going to be black then painted those sections.  The white and red I did all by hand.  The letters were more time consuming to outline but not too bad.  You don’t have to be that ridiculous and outline them, I just am!  Ha Ha.  Let it all dry for 24 hours, wash and wear!  {remember you are using tulip brand t-shirt paints}.  Now they have custom Disneyland shirts for under $6.  The shirt’s {which I love} are Hanes and from Walmart for $5, I love that they are a v-neck.  They came in great colors.  I may or may not distress Mickey a bit still, I’m not sure.  Hope you like it.


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    I love it! I bet you get a lot of comments on them when y’all are in the parks.

    And I’m with you on the no Disney clothes in public. I have one sassy Tinkerbelle shirt but I only paint in it:)

    Have fun!!!

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    I don’t like character stuff on my kids either. It looks cheap to me! However, we’re going to WDW in September and I’ll admit, I’m dreaming of all six of us in coordinating Disney shirts each day. My husband will NOT be amused.


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