Fall Drink Recipes

Now that the weather has finally cooled off and we are surrounded by all things Holiday I thought what better way to start off the Holidays than with some delicious Fall Drink Recipes.  I have gathered some great recipes that are sure to please.  Perfect for parties, or to just enjoy on those chili days and nights at home with the ones you love.
Homemade-Vanilla Chai-Tea
Master Hayden’s Butterbeer Latte Recipe: So, it’s all explained in the recipe card graphic, but I have a few special notes to add. Firstly, I invented this beverage in an effort to include all the flavours and textures I know Butterbeer to include and how I imagine it: creamy, frothy, butterscotch, shortbread. Let me explain how. Obviously butterscotch is covered by a caramel made from butter and brown sugar (not to be confused with raw sugar). The excess fat from the butter and combined with milk makes it creamy. The vanilla is commonly used in baked goods, thereby reminding one of cakes and biscuits, and a dash of cinnamon adds warmth of flavour. When the milk is boiled it creates froth that rises to the top - make sure it doesn’t boil over. Oh, when it’s done, the fat in the butter will obviously rise to the top so not to worry when an attractive yellow film forms. To my taste this is damn near perfect butterbeer. If it could be carbonated then I would say it is perfection. [Want more of Hayden Cooks?]
Peppermint-Mocha Delight recipe
Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider
Chai Tea Latte Recipe


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