O’ Christmas Tree

Well the tree is up…lights are glowing, ornaments are sparkling, and the cat is sleeping under it.  It’s a magical time!  Today I’m sharing our Christmas tree with you, all I keep hearing in my head is the song O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree how lovely are your branches. 
Every year as soon as I pack up the tree I’ve almost always got next years colors picked out for the tree. You can say I’ve got Christmas tree ADD I suppose.  This year I hadn’t decided for sure until about a month before decorating it.  I usually have color on the tree, it’s been about 8 years since I’ve done a neutral color palette on the tree.   This year I wanted to keep the colors simple and since the tree goes in my craft room / office which happens to be our front living room I wanted to be sure it didn’t clash with everything else going on.  That room is pretty neutral right now so these colors gave it a clean feeling.  Today I want to share some tips and tricks for decorating your tree, tips that are sure to get you compliments on your decorating skills.

Christmas Tree Decorating 101
–  Rule #1 don’t be afraid to FILL your tree with stuff!

–  The first thing I do on my tree every year is to fill it plastic sparkly silver snowflake ornaments I picked up several years ago at either Walmart or Target.  I place them on the inside branches all over the tree.  The silver glitter helps reflect the lights on the tree, and since my tree doesn’t have that many lights it really helps brighten it up at night.  You can find these snowflake ornaments every year at Walmart usually for a couple bucks.

–  You can always add ribbon to your tree.  Either weaving it through the tree before you decorate with ornaments or adding it after it’s decorated like a wrapped present.  Ribbon is an inexpensive way to add a lot of character to your tree.  Dollar Tree has great wire edged ribbon, but Michael’s or Joann’s is usually my favorite spots to get it.  Especially after Thanksgiving it’s 70% off usually.  You can even use the burlap ribbons from Michael’s that they carry all year long if your theme is a rustic or woodland tree.

–  I always have basic colored ornaments that I use with each years tree.  I suggest always having clear, silver, and gold ornaments on hand.  The non-breakable ones are my favorite from Walmart.  Having these colors on hand really helps fill your tree, and makes it much easier to switch themes or colors each year.  The rest of the tree can all be accent colors and fun stuff.

–  You don’t need a lot of money or fancy ornaments to make a tree look amazing!  There are so many options for decorating your tree.  I LOVE Dollar Tree, and 99 Cent Only stores for decorations every year.  They often times have great ornaments in packs of 2, 3, or 4 ornaments for $1…and I’m not talking about the little rounds bulbs either.  I love these Icicle ornaments from Dollar Tree I bought maybe 7 years ago and I use them every single year.  The silver drop ornaments & the glittery reindeer ornaments are all from Dollar Tree.

–  Make ornaments!  Every year I usually make at least one ornament to help fill my tree with out breaking the bank.  Often times I just use what I have on hand since I have so many craft supplies.  Felt, clear ornaments that can be filled with things, pine cones {free}, and cardstock are great supplies for making ornaments.  This year I filled my clear bulb ornaments with twine from Dollar tree to bring some more of the natural colors I wanted to the tree.  I also created a book page ornament {tutorial coming soon}.
–  After putting all the basic ornaments like I talked about earlier – white, clear, silver, or gold {or all} bulbs all through the tree.  Start adding your fun or personalized ornaments.  And any big items you want to use to spread through the tree, like candy canes or even something simple like small wrapped presents.

–  I love floral picks.  This is another great way to fill your tree on the cheap.  If you wait until sales or even after Christmas clearance you will get some great deals on them at your craft stores.  Glitter ones are my fave because they pick up the light.  I always have silver on hand, and tons of them.  Also metallic berry picks are great, they look like little clusters on the tree.  I place them through the tree after all my ornaments are on, that way I can fill in any blank spots.  I also buy large bushes of the plastic or glitter flowers and cut them apart with wire cutters.  Then I place the stems through the tree.  You can also buy inexpensive Christmas flowers from the Dollar Tree and cut them apart and place the flowers through your tree.  These items also make your garlands pop!  

–  If you want a tree topper that you use every year try to find something neutral that will go with any theme.  I have my white snowflake that goes with anything I do, found it on clearance after Christmas several years ago.  

–  Last thing is your tree skirt.  Honestly you don’t even have to have one.  If you have a tablecloth, sheet, or fabric lying around…you have a tree skirt.  Just drape it around the base of the tree.  You can make one like I did these past couple years but not necessary.  If your like me and love to switch themes or colors yearly then go for something in a neutral color of course like white.  You can even use an old crate, galvanized tin, or great planter to add not only height to your tree but it will add a whole new charm to your tree.  I’m thinking that next year I’ll be doing something like a crate to boost my 7ft tree to a 9ft. tree.  

–  Shop clearance!  You don’t have to go out the day after Christmas to find great deals, but do keep your eyes open.  Target has the best after Christmas clearance obviously, but Walmart will also have great deals.  Joanns & Michaels are also great places to go buy more personalized or themed ornaments. This is when I usually decided next years theme based off of what I find on clearance.  

I hope these tips were helpful and that you have a wonderful time decorating your Christmas Tree this year.  Happy decorating!


  1. says

    Your tree is beautiful! You shared some really wonderful tips — I especially liked the one about adding the floral picks because last year I picked up a box of berry picks on clearance after Christmas and used them this year. It really added a certain something that it had lacked in the past. Thanks for putting this together!

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