Polka Dot Painted Glass Christmas Mugs

I really wanted to make something special for the boys this year for all the hot cocoa we will drink during these cold (well as cold as it gets here in Arizona) months.  So I made them these super cute Polka Dot Painted Glass Mugs.  Before I made these mugs I had looked at Target and didn’t see anything I liked.  I really wanted them to have “big kid” mugs to use this year.  So I headed to where else…Goodwill, and searched for some mugs that were just the right size.  

I found these two clear mugs for under a buck each.  I brought them home and looked at them trying to decide what to do to them.  I have been wanting to try Martha Stewarts paint line from Michaels for a while and just never had, well until now that is.  So I picked up two bottles of her amazing paints, one is just a plain red acrylic and the other was a glitter.  Luckily they just happened to be on sale.  Can I just say how much I love her colors, and the fact that they are multi-surface paints.  I also grabbed one of my small round dabber paint brushes which helped me get my polka dots.

All I did (which was per the instructions on the Martha Stewart paint) was prep my surface that was going to be painted with rubbing alcohol then let it dry.  Once it was ready I simply just painted some red polka dots using the regular red acrylic paint first.  Let that dry, then I went back over with a few layers of the glitter paint letting those dry between layers.  Although Corbyn wasn’t thrilled with the fact that I added glitter, he was still excited to have his very own special holiday hot cocoa cup.

P.S.  Do you like my little balls of yarn?  All I did was wrap some small styrofoam balls from the dollar store with yarn and that was it.  The white ones remind me of snowballs of course.  

(Side Note:  The Martha Stewart paint instructions says to let it cure for 21 days if being used on glass.  I’m assuming that’s if you want to put it in the dishwasher which it says is safe in the top rack.  I haven’t tried it yet since it’s not been 21 days, I am just handwashing!)


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