Polymer Clay Personalized Gift Tags & Simple Gift Wrap

Hi friends!  After a nice few days of being off my computer and not worrying about blogging, but rather spending that time with my kids and taking care of last minute Christmas details I’m back today.  Today I’m sharing a fun and easy way to add an extra special touch to your gift wrapping this year.  You still have a week until Christmas so there is plenty of time to make this project.  I’m making Polymer Clay Personalized Gift Tags.  This is a fun project and the kids can even help if they want to.  
You will need:
–  Polymer Clay {1-2 packages should be more than enough}
–  Small Cookie Cutters 
–  Xacto Knife
–  Rolling Pin
–  Pencil {for making small holes to hang the tags}
–  Rubber Stamps {letters, patterns, anything you want}
–  Acrylic Paint {in a neutral color like gray or brown}
–  Hard Bristled Paint Brush {small}
–  Cookie Sheet lined with Parchment Paper
–  Twine or String
This is the first time I’ve used polymer clay and it was super easy.  I bought white clay so I could have a neutral colored tag.  All I did was to roll the clay in to a ball then roll it out on my clean cutting mat.  I rolled it about 1/4 inch thick, you can make it a little thinner though if you want.  I used what things I had on hand to create my tags.  I had a couple old rubber stamps, and some round cookie cutters.  I cut the clay with my cookie cutter in to circles.  I then took my alphabet rubber stamps and stamped each persons name on to a tag.  I then took a leaf stamp and used it to create a pattern around the edges of the circle.  You don’t need to press super hard when stamping, but do make sure you stamp firm enough to leave a good imprint.  Make sure your stamps are clean before starting by the way.  Once your done stamping your design just create the small hole on the tag for you to string it later.  Now set aside and keep making tags.  I also used the leaf stamp and stamped it alone and just cut it out with my xacto knife and smoothed the edges.   
Once you have all your clay stamped and tags cut then follow the directions on the clay package for baking.  Mine called for a 275 degree oven for 15 minutes.  I placed mine on parchment paper.  Once done let them cool.  I then took some gunmetal gray acrylic paint and a very stiff bristle paint brush and dry brushed paint on to my tags.  Be sure to get it in all the nooks.  I had a damp paper towel and dry paper towel right next to me.  As soon as I dry brushed the paint I rubbed it off the main surfaces of the tag with the damp towel first then the dry.  Repeat this step until you get the desired amount of antiquing.  Next just add your twine or string.  There are so many possibilities for this, have fun and be creative!
I thought this was a fun project and a way for my family to have something extra special and personal this year to add to their tree next year or to reuse from year to year.
I was all about simple this year with my wrapping.  I also didn’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on wrapping supplies.  The only thing I purchased this year was the silver paper ribbon from Cost Plus World Market {worth the $2.95, so awesome!} and the spools of glittery fun ribbon from Michaels the day after Thanksgiving when they were 70% off.  Everything else I had on hand, including all the wrapping papers…they were from the past several years and the brown kraft wrapping paper I have on hand all the time from the dollar store.  I also used yarn this year {left over from wrapping my yarn balls}, along with cardstock and my paper punches to create tags.

I used my rubber stamps to put names on tags.

I love mixing the kraft brown wrapping paper with bright ribbons.  This polka dotted glittered was a fave!

And since I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of extra gift bags and stuff outside of what I already had on hand for odd sized things that are hard to wrap I used tissue paper to wrap a few things.  I just made some yarn pom-poms to give it a little extra cuteness.

See how simple with the craft punches and yarn.  Yet it looks so cute.

And here’s the majority of the presents minus a few small gift cards I still need to get.

Are you finished wrapping gifts?  Have fun.


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