Beet + Mozzarella Salad

Hi friends.  
Today I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been eating a lot of lately.  This Beet + Mozzarella Salad.  I don’t know what it is about this salad, but I’m totally loving it.  This is a quick and easy salad, especially if you typically have certain things already prepped like lettuce for your salads.  

Grocery List
–  Romaine Lettuce 
{you can use whatever lettuce you prefer, this is my fave}
–  Pickled Beets, Julienned 
–  Sliced Black Olives
–  Sunflower Seeds
–  2 Weight Watchers Smoked Mozzarella String Cheese Sticks, Sliced
–  Diced Cucumbers
–  Chopped Celery
–  Turkey Bacon {optional}
–  Your choice of dressing 
{I prefer Fat Free Thousand Island with this salad}

{Tip:  If you prep your lettuce ahead of time be sure to place it all in an airtight container or large ziplock bag with paper towels under it and one on top.  This helps to absorb extra moisture and the lettuce will keep longer}

Okay ready?  Just add everything to a big salad bowl & toss!  Done!  If you want to cut more calories you could leave out the sunflower seeds, they do tend to be high in fat…but it’s not like your eating a ton so I think it’s worth the nutty flavor and crunch they add.  You could also leave out the turkey bacon.  I’m lucky that my grocery store carries turkey bacon bits in the isle with the regular bacon bits.
I know that this salad isn’t for everyone’s taste, but if I think it’s tasty I thought others would too.  I love salads with “stuff” in them and this one definitely fills me up.  I seriously can eat the whole giant salad by myself.  


  1. says

    I have just started eating beets so this looks tasty. TFS!

    Ha Ha I put FF and LF on my grocery list and my husband has NO idea what I’m talking about when he shops for us. Gotta love the shorthand.

    PS I have loved all your mantles recently!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness!! I would have NEVER thought of combining those ingredients.. WOW sure looks YUMMY!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

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    You always have such wonderful projects! I love reading your blog. I wanted to invite you to come link up at a party on my blog. It is a link party for OLD projects–so that we can hopefully get more traffic to our blogs using projects we’ve already posted. Come over and remind us of some of your favorite projects!
    The link-up is live now.
    Hope to see you there!

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