Family Photo Shoot 2012

Today I’m taking a quick second to share some of my favorite photos from our recent family photo shoot that we had in November.  {Sorry for the photo overload, but I have to do it!}  Time has gotten away from me and I wanted to post these sooner and didn’t.  We I had the hardest time choosing a location this year, I love nature and wanted to keep that fall look alive from last years shoot.  My friend and photographer Rhiannon from Raw Canvas Photography came through at the last minute and found a great spot.  Be sure to head over to Raw Canvas Photography on facebook and give her a “like”!


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    what a beautiful family 🙂 love all the pics and I can appreciate overload because I do it to my family ALL the time!

    Happy new year 🙂

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    Wow, I love your family photo shoot! I love the way all the pics came out. I really need to do this with my family. You have a beautiful family. Happy New Year to you and yours!


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    Super cute family photo!
    Have you ever gone to the Groves? Its super popular but it’s a great location. That is where I had my maternity photos and Elle’s one year photos taken.

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