Glittered Clothespin Magnets

The other day I was at one of my favorite stores…Goodwill, and scored a bag filled with mini clothespins.  There were a ton of the little tiny ones that are perfect for hanging cards and sweet little party decor items.  And then there were the six cute medium sized clothespins that were perfect for a project that I’ve been wanted to make.  Today I’m sharing this super easy project…Glittered Clothespin Magnets.  These are a sweet way to display those little notes from your kiddo’s on the fridge or to hang a sweet message.  You can make them in an color you want.  

Here’s what you need:

–  Medium Sized Clothespins or Regular Clothespins
{the dollar store sells the regular size, and a craft store will carry the medium size}
–  Martha Stewart Glitter
–  Modge Podge
–  Magnet Strips
–  Glue Gun
–  Small Paint Brush or Q-tip

This gives you an idea of the clothespin sizes you can find.  The middle size is what I used for this project.  They measure about 2″ in length.

Okay this is super easy.  Ready?!  
Start by applying modge podge to one side of your clothespin with either a Q-tip or small paint brush.  Now cover the modge podge with your glitter of choice.  Set aside to dry, and move on to the next one.  When they are all glitterfied cut your magnet strips to fit the backs, and hot glue on.  Done!  Now you have some awesome new magnetic clips to hang on the fridge or magnetic memo boards that you can hang pretty things from.  This is just a simple way to organize things with the new year and be fabulous while doing it!

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