Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope all you lovelies are having a wonderful love filled day!  Today I have no crafty post to share with you just some words.  Now that we have all prepared and planned those special Valentines gifts for our children, special love interests, and significant others I wanted to take a second and ponder on this day.  It’s the day of “Love” right?!  A day to shower and show those we love just how much right?!  I know I love to get little gifts for my boys to wake up and find on Valentine’s morning, it makes them feel a little extra special.  I won’t lie, I love to receive the gifts too.  Usually I don’t receive much of anything though since my hubby wasn’t raised to be much of a gift giver, but he tries and that’s what matters.  That’s not all today is about though.

Yesterday as I watched a group of young girls {like 5th or 6th graders} sitting at McDonalds going gaga over a couple of boys outside, doing everything from tapping on the window and hiding {yikes were we all this obnoxious silly as young girls} to giggling incessantly over how cute they were.  I very much wanted to lean over and tell them “girls, boys don’t actually like it when you act like crazy love sick pre-teens…act cool!” but I resisted the urge remembering I was probably the exact same way and just as love sick over boys.  Not that these girls actually “loved” this boy, but the innocence that they had was apparent and a reminder.  A reminder that even though we all go out and buy flowers, candy, gift cards, and expensive gifts those things aren’t what today is about.  Much like Christmas isn’t about the gifts either.  It’s about innocent love, passionate love, motherly love, fatherly love, compassionate love, sincere love, and life changing love.  Sure it’s nice to get things that say “I Love You!”  Today is about much more, and honestly it shouldn’t just be today that we say it or show it.  Valentine’s day is a day to share our love.  

So today I encourage you to share love.  There are so many people we come in contact with on a daily basis who need love.  Whether it’s the lonely older woman who lives next door, the grocery store employee, a homeless man on the side of the road, your server at the restaurant, the person who doesn’t have a significant other, the list could go on and on.  Share love with them.  I’m not saying go spend all your money on them, but even making a simple Valentine’s day card and giving it to them, telling them they are loved and special could change their day.  So go and share the love!
I hope you all have a beautiful love filled day!


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    I love your thoughts on this. A friendly smile that’s sincere – you never know just how far that can go. Sharing love with all those around us, even those we don’t know, makes the world a better place.

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