Cricut Iron-on Boys Fashion T-Shirt

Today is a bonus post kind of day since I’ve missed a few posts lately.  I’m excited to share this Cricut Iron-On Boys Fashion T-Shirt with you.  I used the new iron-on vinyl that is available from Cricut, and I love it.  I’ve not used too many different kinds of iron-on vinyl before but this is quality vinyl and you can tell.   

What you need:

–  T-Shirt {any size, any color}
–  Cricut Iron-On Vinyl
–  Iron
–  Cotton Dish Towel or Cloth
–  Cutting Machine

After some chatting with my son about a design for his shirt he decided he wanted something “cool”.  So after searching for some ideas, I came up with the design pictured above.  An eagle mixed with a little bit of chevron.  He loved it.  So I designed my artwork in my cutting program and cut it out with the proper settings for cutting the iron-on vinyl.  So easy.  Although I will admit that I forgot to flip my image {the eagle should be facing the other direction}, whoops.  I do this all the time with things, you’d think I’d learn by now.  After I cut the image out, I removed all the negative spots with my trusty little hook.  Leaving only the desired design on the film liner.
I then grabbed my iron and turned it on with a no-steam setting.  I don’t use an ironing board so I placed a towel on my firm surface which just happened to be my craft table.  I went over the area the design would go on my t-shirt for a good 30 seconds to pre-heat the fabric.  Then I placed my image on the shirt so that the film liner was on top.  I then placed a thin cotton cloth or dish towel over the image and pressed with medium pressure for 25 to 30 seconds.  Then I flipped the shirt over and continued with medium pressure for an additional 25 to 30 seconds.  I let it cool, then remove your film liner.  
He really loved how it turned out and I did too.  It can be worn alone or layered with a button down {we love the layered looks around here}.

I have some awesome news for all of you today…
Cricut has been so kind to offer all of you some amazing deals on their new Iron-On materials and the bundle pack, these are huge savings. 

Iron-on Pre-sale Sample Pack
Iron-on Pre-sale Bundle
{Disclosure:  I was provided some of the materials used in this project, this is a Cricut sponsored post;  however, all ideas and opinions are my own.}


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