Numbered Mason Jars – using DecoArt paints

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A few months ago I bought several glass mason style jars from Dollar Tree with the hopes that I’d use them for something.  I just wasn’t sure what at the time.  A few weeks ago it finally hit me.  I wanted them to have a Pottery Barn inspired look.  Today I’m sharing my Numbered Mason Jars that I made using DecoArt paints.Supplies:

–  Glass mason style jars
–  Americana acrylic paints {white wash, ebony black}
–  Foam brushes
–  Vinyl stencils {1, 2, 3}
–  American acrylic sealer/finisher spray {matte finish}

Start by taking the jars apart.  Pretty easy to do, just squeeze the metal prongs to get everything off.  Just take note of how they looked and the positions before you remove them so that when you put them back you know the right way.

Using a foam brush paint your entire jar & lid in the white acrylic paint.  I did 4 coats, let each coat dry completely before adding the next.  Otherwise you’ll just lift off the previous coat from the glass with the brush.  Once it’s all white and dry grab your vinyl stencils.
Center your stencils on the front of your jars.  I used the “stencil” font for mine.  Next just use a foam pouncer to apply your black acrylic paint.  I only had to do one coat of the black.  I let it dry for a second then carefully pulled my vinyl stencil off.
Next I decided to use a spray sealer instead of a brush on version.  I used this Americana sealer/finisher in a matte finish.  I chose to keep it matte since I love the dry look of the acrylic paint for these jars.  I gave my jars all a couple coats of this sealer outside and let it dry completely.
Once dry, put your jars back together.  And there you have it, simple numbered mason jars.  I love them.  For right now they will be in my office until the hubby and I are able to redo our bathrooms. Then they will go on some bathroom shelving.  They will be perfect for q-tips & cotton balls! They are also a great housewarming gift, craft storage, or for decor in the kitchen!


  1. says


    I love this project and wanted to get your permission to feature it on my mason jar blog called Mason Jar Crafts Love. I can’t find an email address for you anywhere on your blog so am sending my request through this post.

    I only feature one picture and a clear link back. I won’t feature you unless I receive your express permission.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  2. Gwen says

    I still love these!!!! I’m glad they were featured today on Mason Jar Love or I wouldn’t have seen your post of three years ago!!! I still have a crush on Mason jars!!! Thank you for the clever idea. I love numbers.


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