25 Days of Christmas – Day 12

Make an ornament this week as a gift for a friend, family member, co-worker, pastor, neighbor, or who ever you think would like a sweet little hand made gift.  This first tutorial is the ornament I made. 
You will need:
*  Scissors
*  Glue gun
*  Beads (optional)
*  Old plastic round ornament (I used a small one)
*  Ribbon
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Start by cutting circles out of your felt.  I used one of our small children’s cups the kids use to drink out of as a template for my circle and traced it.  I think it measured about 3″ in diameter.  Once you’ve cut a bunch of circles out (ooops…sorry forgot to count how many I used, so just cut a few at a time maybe) then you’ll begin to cut them into a spiral leaving a little circle at the end this will be your bottom of the rosette. 
Now start rolling starting at the pointy side of the spiral.  Glue as you go.  Just keep rolling and gluing it until you get to the end.  Now use your small circle end to glue to the bottom of the rosette.  Done with that part.  Now start gluing them to your plastic ornament starting at the top around the existing ornament hook area.  And just fill it in tight so you can’t see the existing ornament underneath. 
I also created two leaves for my ornament which resembled an apple to me for some reason, I wasn’t intending it to be an apple.  In between the two leaf colors I chose I placed a small amount of floral wire so the leaves could have some bendy shape!  I originally had planned on using 2 colors as well, but it wasn’t working out for equal spacing.  So I stuck with just one color.  I added some small glass red beads I had to the centers of my rosettes.  This finished it off nicely.  Add some ribbon to match and you’ve got a very pretty and inexpensive ornament.  When all was said and done this made the ornament about 4″ + in diameter, the original ball ornament underneath is just a plain small plastic one from Walmart maybe 2 1/2″. 


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