Make It Monday: Fabric Covered Necklace

This weeks Make it Monday is a ridiculously easy project.  We have family photo’s this week and I needed a red necklace to wear with my outfit.  I looked at several Goodwills, couldn’t find anything remotely usable or even anything I could re-purpose.  So I started thinking what I had here at home I could use.  I had recently given away most of my jewelry making beads so I didn’t have any red stuff left.  What I did have though was a bag of marbles!  I know you’ve seen this style of necklace before!  It may have been 1985 the last time you saw it, but still I made one!  Let’s get started.
What You Will Need:
*  Strip of fabric about 2″ wide and 36″ long
*  Marbles
*  Sewing machine
*  Scissors
Sew your fabric strip down one edge so you have a tube of fabric.  Trim off any excess fabric next to your seem when done.  Once sewn you will need to turn it inside out, I usually use a pencil with the eraser end to help grip the fabric and turn it inside out. 
Leave a 3″ or 4″ end piece then loop a knot, this will be your starting end.  Now fill one marble at a time, tying a knot tightly after each marble as close to the marble as possible.  Just continue this step until your left with 3″ or 4″ at the end.  You will now sew those ends together to finish the necklace.  I tucked one end inside the other and created a clean edge.
This is your finished product.
You can make rosettes and hot glue them or sew them on to add a finishing touch if you’d like.  Or leave it plain.  You can use plain or crazy prints with this necklace method, either way it was a cheap solution to my jewelry dilemma.


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    Thanks Ladies! Marissa, definitely heading over link it up! So glad you guys liked it, I wasn’t sure if I’d gone way to far back to the 80’s with this one. But I think it served it’s purpose nicely! ;D

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