Make It Monday: Twine & Felt Fall Wreath + Tutorial

I’m starting a new post series called Make It Monday.  I will feature something I made every Monday.  So here is this weeks project.
Since I only have about 2 or 3 weeks until all my Christmas decor will be up around the house I thought I would make one last Fall wreath to adorn my front door.  This wreath is simple and cheap!  It can even be made into a Christmas wreath very easily by just swapping out fall colors for more festive Christmas colors.  So let’s get to it!
What You Will Need:
*  Foam wreath form
*  Scissors
*  Felt
*  Glue gun
*  2 Rolls of twine
Start with your wreath form.  I chose to use a foam pool noodle with some E6000 & duct tape to close the tube into a wreath shape.  If you can find them right now that’s probably your cheapest option.  Otherwise any other styrofoam wreath form will work.
Choose your felt colors to coordinate with your theme.  Like I said pick some more festive colors if your looking to create a Christmas wreath!


Next your going to need to take a seat for about 45 minutes!  This parts kinda boring.  You have to wrap the twine all the way around the entire wreath.  Make sure to end on the same side you started.  Gluing your end down with hot glue.  The twine will make a little bit of a mess too, so do it over a towel or something while watching a movie!

Now you will need to start cutting your felt flowers.  I made 3 different kinds.  This first rose style one felt flower is made using this template.  You can print a copy HERE.  I actually enlarged this template a bit to create some bigger rose style flowers for this wreath.  The regular size of the template is awesome for smaller projects.  I use a white colored pencil to trace my template and cut around all the white so none shows when I’m done cutting.  Once you’ve cut your felt out, then you simply just roll the flower up ending with the large circle which is your bottom.  Glue as you go.

Here is the second felt flower I used.  I found this awesome mustard yellow felt as a remnant at Joanns.  So it’s a longer piece and perfect for this flower style.  You’ll need a long strip about 24″ long or longer depending on how big you want it.  I cut it about 2″ wide, but make it as wide as you want. 
Once you cut your strip of felt, cut a fringe to it.  I cut about every 1/4″.
Then you just roll it up.  Gluing as you go!  That’s it super simple.
The third flower I made I used a regular piece of craft felt since I wanted smaller flowers, but this flower can be made in any size you’ll just have to adjust the length of the felt if you want it bigger.  Start with a 2″ wide piece of felt, the length is whatever the craft felt comes in. 
Now using your glue gun, glue only the edges together.  Not the fold part!
Now you cut a fringe just like the last flower all the way across.  I cut every 1/4″ for the medium size one, and for the smaller ivory one I cut much closer.  When your done cutting, start gluing.  The same as the last flower just start rolling and gluing as you go.  You’ll end up with a looped flower.
Now just glue your flowers on in whatever pattern or layout you want to. I added some dollar store cat tails, and wheat looking fake florals to the ends to give it a little more of that “fall” feeling.  I think it’s a great addition to our front door. 


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