25 Days of Christmas – Day 1

I will be starting a 25 Days of Christmas post series.  I will be doing something similar to my Halloween post series I did last month.  I will be featuring all things Christmas.  Recipes, DIY projects, fun stuff for the kiddos, and some of own stuff.  I hope you will come back each day to check out all the fun ideas.  I won’t be posting on weekends, just during the week.  And the series will end the week before Christmas! 
Day #1
Make an Advent Calendar for the kids, and if you don’t have children make one for your pets or you!
Who doesn’t love the countdown!  I know I do, and I know the boys definitely do!  Here are some really great ideas for some cute Advent countdowns.
Pinned Image
I couldn’t find the source, but you get the idea of how to create it.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
This one doesn’t have a source either, it was sold on Etsy.com
You can create an Advent Calendar out of anything, and make it any way you want.  Fill the little bags, boxes, or whatever vessel you use to countdown with candy, small toys, stickers, tattoos, anything you want!


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