Have a “Kool” Summer – End of Year Goodbye Gift for Classmates

I’m super excited to not have to get up and to get ready every morning.  I’m excited that we will be going on vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth in about a month, {shhhh it’s a secret}.  I’m excited for swim lessons, and splash pad days with friends.  What I’m having mixed emotions about…my first born being a 3rd Grader all of the sudden.  What?!  When did that happen!?!  I can’t believe this crazy, cool, handsome kid is already that old. Alright enough of my sappy Mom moment.

have-a-kool-summer- printable-tags
With school coming to an end I wanted to let my son give his classmates one final gift to say goodbye.  I took some Kool-Aid packets, crazy straws, and these printables and viola!  A quick and easy way to give a fun end of the year gift.  All the kids can go home and make their Kool-Aid and drink it with their crazy straws, fun!  The crazy straws are from Dollar Tree, 6 straws come in each pack.I made up a quick and simple printable tag to put with each one, nothing fancy but it does the trick.  I just attached everything together with some bakers twine and they are ready to pass out to his friends.  I think the kids are going to love them!

I remember winning a Kool-Aid plush pillow when I was a kid during a cake walk event at a local grocery store.  I loved that thing.

have-a-kool-summer- printable-tags

Update!  I have included an updated version of the tags for printing, no link required. Simply download the image to your computer by right clicking with your mouse and saving it.  Then open and size in a program like Word or Publisher.  There are now three colored tags to choose from.

have-a-kool-summer- printable-tags

have-a-kool-summer- printable-tags

have-a-kool-summer- printable-tags


  1. says

    Just wanted to say thank you for the idea and printable! I used the concept and added a cute cup, crazy straw and kool aid singles for the end of year gifts for the class. Tied them all up with your printable and they look very cute!

  2. says

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  3. says

    Hi there, I saw this on pinterest and wanted to say thank you for sharing, I plan to use it for my daughter’s last day of school which is tomorrow with freeze pops. Hope you have a great Summer!

  4. Laura says

    Thank you for the printable! Very cute idea. Did you realize that the updated version has the “h” in have as lower case? Like the one with the capital H.

    • craftedsparrow says

      Hi Laura, thanks. Yes I did the lower case on purpose, I just liked how it looked better with the design. 😉


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