Making Disney Memories – Part 1 {Washi Tape Disneyland Autograph Books}

In a few weeks we will be headed to Sunny California to visit the happiest place on Earth!  Disneyland!  This trip is a complete surprise to our boys, they have no idea we are even going on a vacation yet.  We have only been there once before when Corbyn turned 5, we ended up really only being able to do 1 day at California Adventure and then on his birthday went to Disneyland but he got super sick within about an hour of being there so we had to leave.  So they have barely seen inside Disneyland and with the new Cars Land opening next week, this should be super fun.  
We keep asking them if there was one place they could go on a vacation and they keep answering “Disneyland!”  So it’s perfect that we had already planned this months ago.  I’ve been collecting Disney themed items and gifts here so that we can save some money and I’ll be sharing that with you all along the way and what I did.  Today I’m sharing my first project for the trip, I made some washi tape autograph books for them to carry around the two parks in their pockets and as they meet characters they can have them sign there books.  For some this isn’t a huge deal, but they are still at a totally fun age to do it and it will be perfect in their scrapbooks.  
I found these perfect pocket size notepads at Officemax while I was having something laminated.  The one I originally picked up to create this project was thicker and had a spiral bound edge.  I thought this would work much better and stay in better shape during the trip.  The notebooks were $2 each.

 The solid red & red and white red polka washi tape are from Target.  The rest is from Le Paper Cafe on Etsy.  You can find the shop HERE.  It was perfect that she had this Disney inspired washi tape that just added the extra touch.  The tape sold in Le Paper Cafe’s shop is good, let me tell you.  It’s sticks way better than the target stuff…but both are good for this project!



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