Summer Fun Project – DIY Lava Lamps

Yesterday I let the boys make Lava Lamps, Corbyn is obsessed with science!  Anything involving inventions, parts & pieces to create things, experiments, etc…We are really hoping he has a bright future in something in the medical field like his Grandma or develops an invention that changes the world.  Parent’s can dream right?!  Anyway my Mom had given him a new workbook out of the dollar section at Target last week.  It’s an experiment workbook, perfect for him!  He’s been reading it non-stop, and this is one of the things in the book.  It’s nothing new and everyone has made them.  Super simple and incredibly fun for the kiddos.  So today we are sharing with you exactly how simple it is in case you have never made one.  

What You Will Need:
– A large 2 litter empty soda bottle or large smooth water bottle (clear)
– Food coloring in your choice (not yellow)
– Vegetable oil
– Water
– Funnel

 These are the bottles we used.  I bought them specifically for this project.  They were Voss water bottles, not cheap..but I wanted something slender and that had a nice bottle.

 Mix a glass of large water with your choice of food coloring and set aside.

 First fill your bottle half full with the vegetable oil using your funnel.  Then take your colored water and pour that in second.  I used some E6000 on my lids and then screwed them on, just in case.  And that’s it, you have a Lava Lamp.  Make sure you tell the kids if they shake the bottle too vigorously that the oil will become to mixed with the water that it will take overnight to re-settle.  Just gently turn the bottle over a few times and then watch the lesson of oil rising.  



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    • craftedsparrow says

      Hi Chava. No they weren’t glass, they were plastic. I see them at the grocery store all the time. They are pre-filled water bottles in the water section, I think they were VOSS water brand. ๐Ÿ™‚


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