DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Do you love glitter nail polish as much as I do!?!  
I love sparkly nails, well toenails in my case since I bite my fingernails like a little school girl!  I have some favorite glitter polishes that I use all the time.  
Start with any clear polish of your choice.  I chose a very inexpensive polish which cost me about a dollar.  You will need a good glitter in your choice of color, I really LOVE Martha Stewart glitter.  She has a great color selection and even has different types of glitter to choose from.  Your also going to need to make a small paper funnel that fits in to your polish jar.  Start by emptying a small amount of the clear polish in to the garbage, you will need space for the glitter.  Pour a small amount of glitter at a time, keep pouring until you achieve the glittered look you want.  Once you’ve put all the glitter in the bottle you will need to shake it vigorously to get the glitter and polish to mix.  

 I used the Wintermint color, it’s a cross between a seafoam and a turquoise glitter.  

 {Note:  The glitter will settle apart from the polish between uses, so just shake it up again each use.  I found shaking and rolling it in my hands upside down worked best.}


  1. says

    I definitely can’t wait to make this! I can never seem to find glitter polishes I like

    And what perfect timing, since my sister is getting Martha Stewart Glitter for her birthday in 3 weeks. . .


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