St. Patrick’s Day Recipes & Treats

Hi friends!  Yesterday I shared a ton of St. Patrick’s Day Decor & Project Ideas, so today I thought I would share a bunch of fun St. Patrick’s Day Recipes & Treats.  All these recipes are sure to make St. Patrick’s Day just a wee bit more special!  

Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe
The perfect blend of moist chocolate, peppermint and vanilla buttercream makes this a Thin Mint #Cake that will have them coming back for more at
St Patrick Jello Cream Cake by Food Librarian, via Flickr
Leprachaun cookie bark
St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Pops. SO cute!! Tutorial and recipe on { }
leprechaun trap rainbow cake
DIY Tutorial: Leprechaun Hat Smores
End of the Rainbow Cupcakes. Cute and easy. Recipe and tutorial on { } #stpatricksday
Rainbow Peppermint Patties
st. patrick's day rainbow cookies
Spiked Rainbow Salad
Lucky Charms® Cupcakes

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