DIY Jewelry Stand

Do you love walking through your local second hand stores or dollar stores and brainstorm about the possibilities of what something could be?  I do!  I have had some ugly dollar store stove burner covers sitting in my garage for about a year.  I knew all along what I wanted to do with them, create a tiered jewelry stand.  Only took a year to create it, but it’s done and today I’m showing you how easy it is to make this DIY Jewelry Stand.


–  Dollar Store Stove Burner Covers {Dollar Tree}
–  Large Unfinished Wood Spools {Hobby Lobby}
–  Unfinished Wooden Round Ball with Flat Bottom {Hobby Lobby}
–  DecoArt Acrylic Paint {accent color for spools & round ball, and black for the trays}
–  Foam Brush
–  Gray Spray Paint Primer {Walmart 98cents}
–  Silver Spray Paint {any brand}
–  Small Wooden Dowel {optional}
–  Hot Glue or E6000
–  Twine or Jute

1.  Begin by spray painting both covers with your gray primer, let dry then spray with silver spray paint.

2.  Paint your wooden spools and round flat bottom ball with your acrylic paint in your accent color.  I used DecoArts Americana in Bahama Blue.  Once dry I sanded mine lightly on the edges, this is optional.  I wanted a roughed up look.  I then hot glued some jute to mine so it looked like spools of jute.

3.  Take a small amount of black acrylic paint about the size of a dime.  Add about 2-3 tablespoons of water in a small bowl or plate.  Mix well.  This is the wash for your covers to look aged and galvanized.  I brushed it all over one side of the cover at a time, being sure to cover it well.  Then I let it sit for a second or two, then with a paper towel I wiped most of it off.  You may have to repeat this step a few times to achieve the desired patina.  Once I got the nice dirty metal look I wanted I let it dry.  You can spray them with a clear sealer if you want, but I didn’t.

4.  You have two options for assembling this.  You can either glue it all together or you can put a dowel rod through the center.  I had a dowel rod that fit in the spools perfectly on hand so I used that.  If you choose to go with the dowel rod simply just find your center point on both burner covers and mark it, then use a drill to create a hole large enough for the dowel to fit through.  I then used some hot glue to glue two of my large spools together for the middle.  Then hot glued the round ball to another spool for the topper.  I also placed hot glue inside each piece as I placed the dowel rod through the center.  If your choosing to glue it all together I suggest using E6000 glue.  Just glue it all together and let it sit in a place it won’t get touched or moved for at least 24 hours.  You can add a small wood circle piece to the very bottom spool for more stability if you want, I didn’t but will probably go back and add one.  Also these covers are thin, so they won’t support a ton of weight unless your able to find thick ones.  You could also use different sized cake tins for this project.  Those are nice and sturdy.

*  I would not use these stands for food, unless you are lining them with paper of some kind.


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