Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine’s

Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine'sWhen I posted a teaser pic on Instagram a couple days ago I had no idea how much people love these Haribo Happy Cola Gummies!  When I saw these gummies at the grocery store I thought it would be a fun Valentine to make, these Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine’s are a fun gift for anyone…but especially those who love their Diet Coke or Coke products.
Printable tags found below
Scissors or paper punch
Tape or tape runner
Mason Jar
Bakers Twine
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine's
 Is this one of your favorite candies?  I’ve never had them until I bought them for this project and I love them.  I {love} in a big fat way Coke Zero, and Coke Icees…so these are right up my alley.  Plus how cute do they look in the mason jar?!  I’m pretty much obsessed with any gummy candy that Haribo makes right now.  If you are looking for a good selection be sure to check out Cost Plus World Market, they have a ton.
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine'sStart by downloading these free printables, you can do this by right clicking on the image and choosing “save as”.  Then open them in a program like word or publisher to create your tags. Size them however you like.  For the best quality printing use a matte photo paper or card stock.  
I then used scissors to cut my tags, but if you have a 3″ circle punch that would work too – you can actually use any size punch, I just think the 3″ size tag would look good on your mason jar.  I then just used some tape to attach my tag and then added some cute bakers twine with a little bow.
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine's
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine's
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine's
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine's
Happy Cola Gummy Printable Valentine's So do you love it?  If you do I hope you will “Pin” it!  Be sure to check out all the other free printable Valentine’s I’ve shared over the past couple weeks.  There is something for everyone!


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