Family Photo Fashions

As Christmas card season approaches us that means family photography sessions are in full swing.   Today I thought I would share some great fashion looks for the whole family to help give you some ideas as you prepare your families picture perfect wardrobe.

Some helpful tips when looking for fashion for the whole family: 

1.  Never, I repeat NEVER wear the same color shirts.  That includes black, white, or whatever color you think will look cool…cause it won’t!  
2.  If you need help coordinating what colors would look great together an old stand by is to look at a color wheel.  Picking colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel is the easiest way to pick two colors to focus on as your accent colors.  Then just add simple pieces with those bright and bold colors.
3.  Be comfortable!  If you wouldn’t normally wear it, don’t buy it!  For example…I don’t normally wear dresses or skirts, I’m just not comfortable in them.  So I usually wear jeans and try to dress it up with a cute top.  I’m not typically a very “dressed” up kind of person, so my look usually consists of cardigans, etc…  The family photograph reflects you, and you should look like you!
4.  If you are a picky person you may want to consider coordinating your fashion around the color scheme of your home.  They pictures will hang proudly through out your house, so they will stand out if you have crazy colors and your house is a muted color palette.  Just a thought.


  1. says

    as a photographer, I LOVE your post – I wish more of my clients would think about the element of where in their home they want the picture to hang and what colors would look good there. It is also soooooo important to wear things with the right fit (slightly loose is way better for photos than too tight). Great post!

  2. says

    Thank you for the sample images! I’m guessing my SIL will do our pictures at Thanksgiving, so I should start trying to coordinate our possible outfits. The visuals you provided are so helpful!

  3. Granma Mish says

    Your blog and pictures are GREAT! I’m a grandma with 3 married sons,their wives,and 5 grandkids, under the age of 8. Just getting them all together and awake for a picture is a miracle! But we keep trying. Thanks, Granma Mish

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