Felt Pine Trees

I’m the kind of person who {LOVES} Christmas!  I love first and foremost the meaning of Christmas, but secondly I love the decorating!  It makes everything feel cheerful and like home to me.  I am also the kind of person who decorates her tree with a different color scheme every single year!  So far I’ve never had a repeat.  This year though has been the hardest to choose colors for.  Last year I did fun, bright and bold colors…red, aqua, & white.  When I packed up last years decor I thought for sure this year I would do a candy theme.  Then I decided I was loving all the neutral colors I was seeing.  So this year I’ve chosen to do Cream, White, Silver, & Gold.  Keeping it simple and clean.  To start my simple and clean color scheme off right I decided to make these Felt Pine Trees for my decor this year.  I originally saw something similar online for sale for {GET THIS} $65 – $95 per tree!  WHAT!!!  Nope, no way, not gonna happen.  So I made my own.  
Supply List:

-  Felt {2 sheets per tree to be safe}
-  Wood Discs to fit inside cones {Michaels}
-  Paper Mache Cones {Michaels}
-  Wooden Spools or Dowel Rods
-  Hot Glue Gun

 You will need to start by cutting a bazillion little felt triangles.  Cut your felt in to 1 1/2″ long strips, then cut those strips in to triangles.  I used about 2 sheets of felt per tree.  
Now take your small wood disk and place it on the bottom of the paper mache cone, some of mine fit snuggly inside the cone and others I had to hot glue on to create the base for the trunk to be glued to.  Now I created my trunks for the trees by either gluing wooden spools together or cutting small dowel rods to the size I wanted.  I then glued the trunks to another wood disc to create the stand {which I painted a light taupe color}.  

Then glue to the other end of the trunk to the underneath side of the cone.  Now you can begin placing your felt on the cones.  Starting at the bottom and going row by row add your felt triangles.  Overlapping each row like shown in the picture. 
Once you get to the top you will need a small 1/2″ circle of felt in the matching color to glue on top to finish it off.  Then you should have some pretty fancy little Felt Pine Trees to adorn your Christmas mantle or displays.  I am loving these little trees and can’t wait to find a spot for them when my decor is up.  

 P.S.  HERE is the link to the original inspiration that cost $65 – $95 per tree in case you were wondering.


  1. says

    I wanted to let you know that I was trying to grab your button to put on the blogs that I love and it says that you moved or have deleted it. Just wanted you to know.I really am enjoying your blog.
    I was hoping that we could trade buttons. I’m starting out for a couple of months now and want to start getting more exposure.
    Thank you. Sue

  2. says

    so so pretty! I am totally gonna try this, but probably coat em in glitter! :) pinning now.

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  3. Anonymous says

    Great job. But $65 to buy it seems like a bargain by the time you put all that work and material costs into it. You’re more patient than I am. I’ll buy mine (BTW link doesn’t work, so don’t know where to buy it – just goez to an empty cart)

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh My!! These are wonderful. I am a little confused at the directions. Are the felt strips 1 1/2 inches wide, by how long?? Thanks in advance, and I will be back!!

  5. says

    I made these too, except I used a large empty ribbon spool as the base and put “ornaments” on it since mine looked like a five year old who found the scissors made it originally.


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