Nutcracker Christmas Mantle

This year I wanted to simplify my Christmas mantle a bit.  I have always done garland and lights, mixed with several other things.  I decided to break away from my traditional decor and utilize some great long skinny canvases I have had laying around.  Today I’m sharing my Nutcracker Christmas Mantle with you.  You may see a couple other projects from the blog here too, like my Felt Pine Trees and Holiday Sled Makeover.  My son Corbyn really loves Nutcrackers, he has for several years.  Every year he begs me to buy him another one, and I always say no since I don’t want a collection of Nutcrackers (mainly because I don’t like the typical colors that Nutcrackers are painted, vain much!?!).  So this year I thought I’d surprise him with these three very simple Nutcracker Silhouette Paintings.  He loved them, and so do I.  They are simple and will go with any decor I put up at Christmas.  
I took my three skinny canvases and painted them white.  I then found three Nutcracker clipart pictures I liked online and just simply enlarged them and printed them out.  I then cut the silhouette out, and traced it on to my canvas.  Then you just paint it.  I chose a light gray so it would coordinate with any color palette for Christmas.  

I have had these paper mache letters since last year (they were turquoise) so I just spray painted them silver since that’s what I had laying around.  And viola…new letters.  All the big ornaments are from the 99 Cent Only store.

I was going to make stockings again this year and just decided to be lazy thrifty and use the ones I already had from a few years ago.

Like my little skinny flocked Christmas tree?!  Yeah me too.  Thank you Starbucks!  It’s from their holiday decor from a few years ago, one of my favorite decorations ever!  And I love my new little horn & sled I found at Goodwill.

I also just took a piece of 12 x 12″ scrap book paper and placed it over the picture in this square frame.  Then I found a Reindeer bust clipart that I liked and printed it out and cut it out of cardstock and glued it to the other piece of paper.  I seriously love this.

Well I hope you liked everything.  Maybe next year you’ll see that I’ve actually stopped procrastinating and painted my walls a better color (and the fireplace possibly).  Ha Ha. 


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    As much as I love red/green and all the other pop colors that have become iconic for this time of year, I love what you did with these ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Can I just say that I’m in love with this? Nutcrackers are my absolute favorite but to be honest, I’m not a fan of their garish attire. Your solution to use the silhouettes in muted colors was fantastic! The second my silhouette gets here, I know what I’ll be making for next year. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Oh I am genuinely drooling over the nutcracker mantle art! I gasped loud enough for my co-worker to ask if I’m okay!
    I’ve seen your felt trees making the rounds on pinterest (and have them pinned) but I am in love with your nutcrackers!!

    newest follower and envier (in a good way).


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    Lovely, but I’d say, give up on the nutcrackers. My 25 YO son has a ton of them…he gets a new one every Christmas…they are very seldom out, he keeps them in his room as they are his..if I could find pastel ones I get some for me :D, but even at this age, he loves to see what he gets this year and is always excited. Which reminds me, I need to get him a new one..I’ll leave it to his future wife to figure out how to use them. I would like to find a 3′ one sometime for him. I’d have his dad build it, but I’d have to paint it…and I can’t/don’t paint like this ;D


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