Printable Valentine’s Day Gum Wrappers

Printable Valentine's Day Gum Wrappers
Okay with only a few days to go until Valentine’s Day I figured why not share one more quick and easy Valentine’s Day idea for classmates.  These Printable Valentine’s Day Gum Wrappers are the perfect quick gift idea.  
My son looked through tons of ideas trying to figure out something that he wanted to make for his fellow classmates this year.  He finally narrowed it down to GUM. Except he didn’t love the printables that were already out there so I jumped on it and created a new one just for him.  
Printable Valentine's Day Gum Wrappers
All I bought was the gum, you can find these small {5 stick} packs in packages of 4 at the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Only dollar stores everyday.  I picked a flavor that I thought everyone would love and that went with our printable.  
Printable Valentine's Day Gum WrappersThen I just printed out my wrappers on regular printer paper, and cut them out.  There’s really no instructions needed for how to cute them out, so simple.  I then wrapped one of the wrappers around each pack of gum and used a small gluestick to seal them shut on the edges.  I love how these turned out, don’t you!?!
If you would like to print these gum wrappers click HERE for a free copy.  It will print on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper.
Printable Valentine's Day Gum Wrappers
Printable Valentine's Day Gum WrappersPrintable Valentine's Day Gum Wrappers


  1. Robin owens says

    Any chance you would have a blank version of this? I want to customize some for VBS this year (in a week). I’ve had no look finding one online.


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