Subway Art Beach Sign

Today I’m excited to be teaming up with some other awesome blogs to bring you 8  – “Life’s a Beach” inspired ideas.  Each month we will be teaming up to bring you some amazing ideas & projects, and each month will have a new theme.
Today I’m sharing my Subway Art Beach Sign.  I chose to keep things simple, so I kept the whole thing in black & white.  I really love how it turned out, it’s kind of warn looking and fun.  Let’s get to it so you can see all the other awesome ideas.


– Pine board {mine measures 7 x 18″}
– Vinyl stencil
– Acrylic paint
– Sandpaper
– Foam brush

{These are the fonts I used:  GeosansLightHarbellEasy Open Face} 
First thing I did was to paint my pine board with a dark graphite gray acrylic paint all over.

I then covered it with a couple coats of white acrylic paint when the gray was dry. Let your paint dry well so the vinyl stencil doesn’t peel the paint off when you peel the stencil off.

I then just centered my stencil on the painted board, and smoothed everything out.  Typically I would paint this with acrylic paint {which I normally do} however this go round I was having issues with my black acrylic paint not drying properly and peeling up with the stencil.  So I grabbed a can of flat black spray paint I had on hand and used that to spray the stencil instead, I suggest using acrylics!

Once everything was dry I peeled up my stencil and grabbed a piece of sandpaper and just distressed the sign to give it more of an aged look.  The gray from your first coat of paint with show through.  You can also go over the letters lightly and give them a worn look.

subway-art-beach-signSo if you too are wishing and dreaming of being at the beach, but can’t…I hope you will enjoy these other 7 Beach inspired ideas!  So pull up a seat, put your feet in a kiddie pool and grab an ice cold drink while you read through all this “beachy” goodness. 
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    • craftedsparrow says

      Hi JJ,
      Thanks for stopping by. So sorry you didn’t find my tutorial helpful. If you’d taken the time to search my blog more you’d find lots of tutorials for making stencils as I have many sign projects and much more. Have a great day!


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