Striped Ball Jar


Today I’m back with my fellow blogging friends to bring you another themed post.  Our theme this month is Black & White.  I thought it would be fun to share my Black & White Striped Ball Jar today. Right now Ball jars are all the rage, crafting with them and collecting them.  If your looking for a cute way to package a small gift for a friend this is a unique and fun way to do it.


–  Ball Canning Jar & Lid
–  DecoArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint {black tie & cottonball}
–  2 Foam Brushes
–  Painters Tape or Washi Tape

1.  It’s best to prep your ball jar first and get rid of any debris or oils, so if you have some rubbing alcohol on hand give it a quick wipe down with some.  It’s not necessary but will help with painting.

2.  Paint your entire jar white first.  This will take several coats, probably about 3.

3.  Once your white paint is dry and done tape off your stripes with the painters tape or washi tape.  Make sure your painters tape isn’t super sticky otherwise it could peel off your white paint.  Washi tape is a safe alternative if your don’t have painters tape.  I taped it so I would have 3 black stripes on my jars.

4.  Paint your un-taped areas black, you will only need a couple of coats.  Once dry peel off your tape.

5.  Go back and touch up any spots that the black leaked through with your white paint.

6.  This next step is totally optional, but I like to distress mine.  I used an emery board to sand of some spots on my Ball jar.  Just go lightly and a little at a time until your satisfied with how the distressing looks.

There is no need to seal this paint since it’s a multi-surface paint.  It’s awesome!

I love this jar for a few reasons.  First of all I love the bold stripes, especially in the black & white.  The other reason I love this jar is because it can serve a couple different purposes when given as a gift. Either as a vase with some amazing flowers in it, or you can use it to package up some sweet treat that you made.

If you want to package a sweet treat in the jar simply just place your treats inside the jar, add a cute cupcake liner over the lid seal and then screw the lid on.  Add a cute and simple tag with some ribbon or baker’s twine and it’s ready to go!  Who wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?!  Then person who receives it could still use the jar for so many things when the treats are gone, that’s the best part!
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