Homemade Salsa Gifts & Free Printable Tags

This year for Christmas I wanted to keep things simple with our neighborhood gift giving.  In years past I’ve done lots of cookies, and honestly I’m not a huge fan of baking.  It’s just not my strongest area of cooking.  So I decided I would do what I know I am good at!  And that is Salsa, so I made these Homemade Salsa Gifts & Free Printable Tags to share with you.


–  Canning Jars
–  Bakers Twine
–  Free Printable Salsa Tags

I made these cute little tags for you to print and add to your salsa gifts.  Just right click and save, then open in a program like word or publisher to the size of your liking.  I just hole punched the top and strung them with bakers twine on my jars.  I also grabbed a bag of chips for each salsa gift, can’t have the salsa without the chips!  Enjoy!


  1. Kristen says

    Silly question but when I print these they fit the whole page. How do I resize them to make the cute tags? Planning to use these and make your Salsa this Christmas 🙂

    • craftedsparrow says

      Not a silly question at all Kristen. When you save the image to your computer you will open it in a program like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or you can even use photoshop. I personally use Publisher for them. When the image is open in the program you should be able to click on the image and drag the corner of the image to make is smaller. In the lower right corner of your screen it will give the measurements of the image so you know how big it will print. Does that make sense? I think I resized these tags to 2″ when I printed them and used a 2″ round circle punch.

    • craftedsparrow says

      Hi Amanda. You can make the restaurant style salsa a day or two ahead of time, and the roasted tomatillo & avocado salsa can be made a day ahead of time….both need to stay refrigerated. 🙂

  2. Erika says

    I would love to be able to edit your tag template you included in your Pinterest for the salsa’s? I want to make homemade salsa’s & type the salsa name on your template but cannot do so. Could you email me or tell me where to find the template? Thank you so much.

    • craftedsparrow says

      Hi Erika. I don’t have a blank template, but you can make a similar tag using picmonkey.com if you’d like. 🙂 Have a super weekend.


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