DIY Hunger Games Shirt {Freezer Paper Stencils}

The other night a bunch of us girls got together to get our craft on.  We are all going to see the midnight showing of Hunger Games on the 22nd at 12:01am, so we thought it would be fun to make our own shirts this time.  We had such a blast!  Most of us created shirts using freezer paper stencils, which once again is amazing stuff.  I thought I would show you how my DIY Hunger Games Shirt {freezer paper} turned out.  Mine was a little time consuming, but not too bad.
DIY Hunger Games Shirt
DIY Hunger Games ShirtHere’s the back of the shirt.DIY Hunger Games ShirtDIY Hunger Games Shirt
First off I grabbed a v-neck plus size boyfriend tee from Target, so comfy.  I removed the pocket with a seam ripper, a must since no one with a gianormous chest should have a tiny little pocket on it!  Just sayin! Then I printed out the designs I wanted for the t-shirt on plain paper.  Traced them on to my freezer paper, cut it out creating a stencil and painted.  I chose the gold paint, but first I did a coat of white fabric paint on to the t-shirt.  It bled underneath the freezer paper a little so after doing several coats of my gold paint, followed by a gold glitter paint on the mockingjay symbol I outlined everything in a thin white stripe.  It was worth it because it really made everything pop!
I think I’ll look pretty spiffy on movie night along with all my good friends and their awesome custom tee’s!  What do you think?  Would you wear it?


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    I love this shirt and am glad I found your blog. The 23rd can’t come soon enough! I am your newest follower – Feel free to stop by TheStuffofSuccess and say hello. Thanks and have a great weekend. Athena

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    We’re going to the midnight premiere too (my friend and I run N3RDc@st and love the Hunger Games) heh..we’re thinking of doing our hair/make-up like Capital people lol. Awesome idea for a shirt! If I wasn’t already going to try a bleach shirt I’d try this :c)

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    Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog while roaming around on Pinterest! This is amaaaaaaazing! Do you make these available for purchase? I have a feeling I would make a disaster out of this project XD I love making Hunger Games jewelry, but that’s a completely different beast!

    I’m going to go root through the rest of your blog! Your post was interesting, fun to read and full of character 🙂

    One more day until the Games begin!

  4. Anonymous says

    WOW!! I am going to try and make one of these when catching fire comes out. Except on the back I think i will write “That is Mahogany!” Thanks for the great idea. Also, do you secure the wax paper down at all while painting??

  5. Anonymous says

    I’m afraid I’m really challenged with crafts and stuff, but I love this!
    If you put this on Etsy, I’d buy it in a heart beat!


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