DIY Felt Organizer Baskets

DIY Felt Organizer Baskets. So cute and so east! Tutorial on { }
Today I wanted to share an easy way to organize the drawers or shelves in your craft rooms {or craft space if you don’t have a whole room}.  I’m showing you how to make these DIY Felt Organizer Baskets.  They are super easy, inexpensive, and cute.

Here’s what you will need:
–  Felt {either regular or stiffened, stiffened will give you a more sturdy box}
–  Scissors
–  Sewing Machine or Hot Glue Gun
–  Ruler
–  Optional:  White fabric cut in to small 1.25 x 2.5″ rectangles, and a   small letter stamp set with an ink pad to create labels for your baskets

You will begin by creating a template to cut all your pieces from.  I use cardstock.  Using your ruler create a template that measures 5 x 5″ to create a square bottom for your basket.  The next template will measure 5 x 3.25″ for your sides.  Once you have these two templates cut out of cardstock use them to cut your felt out. You will need 4 side pieces and 1 bottom piece for each basket.

If making labels you will need to grab your stamp pad, stamps, and small rectangle labels you cut out of white fabric.  Simply stamp your word on to the fabric and let dry for a few minutes.  Then center your label on one of your side pieces of felt and sew it on.  I trimmed the excess fabric from each label after sewing it on the felt.
Next you will start to sew the side pieces together.  You can use a got glue gun if you like, I just like the sewn edges myself.  Start with your side pieces first.  Begin by laying two side pieces on top of each other, matching up the ends.  Sew the two pieces together.  Leave a small 1/8″ at the bottom without a seam {this is where you will attach the bottom piece later.  Continue to sew all the edges together until your left with a square.
Now grab your bottom piece and line it up on the bottom edges of your square where you left the unsewn portion.  The first seam you should sew is the front piece where your label is if you have one.  Make sure all your edges line up and sew it with the same seam allowance as you did on your side pieces.  Next sew the opposite seam.  Then sew the other two sides.  Viola!  A felt basket.
Now you can make a ton of these adorable little baskets for all kinds of things…craft supplies, office supplies, make-up organization, pantry organization, gift baskets, etc…Even Easter Baskets if your in a pinch.  What do you think?  Pretty cute right?!
{I used regular felt for this project since it’s what I had on hand, but I think I might make some of these up with stiffened felt to keep on hand for gift baskets}


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    What a great idea, thanks for sharing! I’ve been on a felt kick lately, will definitely add this to my list of projects. Stopping by from Lil Luna 🙂

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    These are so cute and a great idea! I have tons of regular felt left over from my felt stag head project so I know what I’ll be doing this week! Thanks for the inspiration.


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